We Will Turn the Whole World into a Flower Garden

We Will Turn the Whole World into a Flower Garden


from 4 1/2″ diameter by 1 1/2″ wide to 12″ diameter by 4″ wide

We will turn the whole world into a flower garden is a sculpture composed of seven wheels of different sizes by Yulia Tsukerman, an artist transplanted from Moscow to Tel Aviv. Its title is a translation of one of the slogans of the Russian Revolution. It is the artist’s interpretation of this turning point in Russian history, a century after the fact. “The work encompasses both stirring attraction and fear,” she writes. “The mass of grey wheels embodies the act of moving forward, yet simultaneously tramples everything in its path. Those may be the wheels of the train, streaming through the largest country in the world carving a pillar of destruction in its wake, or it may be the gears of an industrial revolution; creating progress and stimulating growth.” But Tsukerman’s work transcends the particular historical narrative that is Russia’s, reflecting “on the transience and unpredictability of life, and on one personal life experience opposed to totalitarian regime.”

Signed. We are honored to be introducing Yulia Tsukerman’s work to a New York audience. This and other works can be seen in our showroom at the New York Design Center.


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